Welcome to the The University of Hong Kong/Australian Astronomical Observatory/Strasbourg Observatory H-alpha Planetary Nebula (HASH PN) database. HASH PN database is an interactive catalogue of imaging, spectroscopic and other observational data for Galactic PNe available to researchers and general public.

The access to the database is password protected - please register first via the registration form.

If you use this resource in a publication, please cite this paper: Parker, Bojičić & Frew 2016 and include the following acknowledgement: "This research has made use of the HASH PN database at hashpn.spaceā€.

HASH PN database is produced and maintained by Dr. Andreas Ritter and Prof. Quentin Parker at The University of Hong Kong. The online interface is best experienced on the latest version of Chrome or Firefox (IE is not supported). Please note that the current version of the HASH PN database is still in beta testing. If you have any troubles in registering or using the interface please Contact us.